UK Tax Strategy


Our business, and the SKion Water Group (“Group”) in general, has a strong focus on corporate responsibility and we are committed to responsible administration and respect of tax legislation.

In compliance with section 19(2) of Schedule 19 of Finance Act 2016, the company is publishing its tax strategy for the period ending 31 December 2022. As a UK subsidiary of a global group our strategy is directly linked to that of our direct parent company, SKion Water International GmbH, a German corporation.

Approach to Risk Management

  • Enpure strives to comply with tax law and practice, this means paying the correct amount of tax at the right time and in the appropriate place.  Accurate, complete and timely tax filings should be made in order to achieve this goal.
  • Through people, processes, systems and controls, Enpure works to proactively identify, evaluate, monitor and manage tax risk across our business.  Decisions are made at the appropriate level in accordance with tax policy and the internal governance framework.   

Expert external advice may also be sought, particularly in relation to the management of international tax obligations, new/complex legislation and systems changes.  

Attitude towards Planning and Level of Risk

Enpure does not enter into any artificial, contrived or abusive arrangements in order to reduce its liability to UK taxes.  Available tax exemptions and reliefs are claimed not only within the letter of the law, but also within the spirit of the law.

When entering into transactions or making changes to our business, Enpure considers amongst other factors, the tax laws which are expected to apply.  A conservative, low-risk approach is taken in relation to tax planning, with transactions (between both related and unrelated parties) being undertaken with economic substance and reputation in mind.

Working with HMRC

Integrity and transparency are fundamental Enpure strengths.  As such, Enpure engages openly and constructively with HMRC in real-time in order to maintain a relationship based on our shared values of trust and respect.

Our communication with HMRC is focused on timely tax compliance. In addition to this we aim to have a positive dialogue with HMRC whenever required, whether it be for routine queries or responding to requests for information. Dialogue is not restricted to local UK employees and our direct parent company is also keen to talk with HMRC when required to help ensure all matters are dealt with in a quick and professional manner.

We employ the services of professional tax advisers to act as our agents, and in a number of cases they liaise with HMRC on our behalf where this might be considered more appropriate by Group and senior management.