Enpure engineers and delivers effective water supply solutions utilising both conventional and emerging technologies. We are continually developing our expertise and technologies to be able to meet the latest quality standards.


Filtration plantEnpure offers a full range of media filtration packages whether in steel or concrete at rates upto 25m/h, operating under pressure or gravity for municipal or industrial scale water treatment applications. These packages comprise system designs, including one or more of the following, underdrains, mono or multi-media beds, backwash and control. Designs and supply can be configured to suit the end user's requirements for a wide range of water or seawater filtration applications, for such areas as direct filtration, post clarification polishing, tertiary filtration, biological or manganese contactors, in single or multiple stages as appropriate. Media selection to suit an application can range from silica sand, pumice, anthracite, expanded clay, GAC etc..


large scale backwash flume

  backwash flume air water interface

Typical centre large scale backwash flume

Installed at Ras Al Khair SWRO pretreatment plant, Saudi Arabia


CFD Modelling 

Typical backwash flume air water interface during combined wash phase.