DAF Refurbishment

Enpure’s continual research and development of DAF has led to a deep understanding of the process resulting in more compact, more efficient, and less intrusive designs which offer improved integration into the complete treatment system.


Is your plant near the end of its life giving you unstable, poor performance, onerous maintenance
and unsatisfactory energy efficiency?

Enpure is the world leader of DAF technology for drinking water application being at the
forefront of DAF development since the late 50’s, having installed the first UK DAF plant and the
world largest capacity DAF installation. Across the UK, we have installed more than 89 DAF plants
since 1988.Our experience in delivering both off site build and bespoke DAF design enables us to
identify and implement improvements to legacy facilities with the aim of least impact on plant
operation during works.

Our team of DAF experts will be delighted to work with you to modernise your installation to the
state-of-the-art design ensuring the best performance of your plant for the next 20 years.

Our review and upgrade of your installation will include a site audit, appraisal of raw water conditions,
optimisation of the coagulation, review of the flocculation design inc CFD modelling, replacement of
DAF nozzles with the latest Enflo-DAF technology, upgrade of DAF header installation, floculation
tank hydraulic optimisation, sludge removal system optimiation, strainer and recyle pump renewal
and saturator optimisation. A bespoke programme will be created dependent on the results of the
site audit and performance review. 

For more information please see the DAF Refurbishment information sheet or complete your
contact details and we'll be in touch.