Food & Farm Waste AD

Doosan Enpure offer both consultancy only design services and full EPC delivery (UK only) of non water sector organic materials anaerobic digestion infrastructure development.

Various organic materials that otherwise may be destined for disposal provide appropriate feedstock for energy recovery utilising anaerobic digestion treatment technologies. This may include out of date supermarket waste, municipal collections of source segregated collected household and commercial premises food waste, food and beverage production industry wastes, farm animal slurries, various purpose grown crops, etc.

Doosan Enpure can produce bespoke designs to provide an efficient and effective anaerobic digestion plant to recover green energy from these materials, providing the plant operator with significant revenues including government subsidies.

These complex plants are designed and built by Doosan Enpure drawing on the experience and learning from projects dating back over two decades treating a wide variety of feedstocks, and at various plant scale.


Food & Farm Waste AD

Cannock, Staffordshire, UK. Opened in 2011 as the largest food waste anaerobic digestion plant in the UK. Designed to treat 120,000 tonnes/year of waste otherwise destined for landfill disposal, and generating up to 6Mwe of renewable electricity

Food & Farm Waste AD

Vienna, Austria. Opened in 2007 and operated by the City of Vienna affiliated company WKU. Designed under strict architectural conditions, the plant is arranged to allow simple extension in treatment capacity to double its 17,000 tonnes/year capacity, with recovered energy used in the City of Vienna’s district heating system

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