Research & Development

Our technology has a real effect today.  You should see what we have planned for tomorrow.

Enpure actively conducts its water related research and development activities at its centre in Birmingham, UK. The main goal of our R&D center is to create and launch needs-driven water systems that will introduce brand new solutions to the water market.

Through the operation of pilot systems and bench scale tests, Enpure develops and improves upon various desalination technologies involving thermal and membrane processes together with evaluating new products that enter the market.  Plans include development and installation of next-generation desalination plants that feature improved economic efficiency and prolonged membrane life.

Enpure are working on the development of various water and wastewater treatment processes and products.  These include dissolved air flotation, media filtration and sludge treatment processes including anaerobic digestion enhancement, utillising ultrasound (sonixTM), sludge drying and pasteurisation.

As part of our R&D work we work with both local and international academia, consultants and other organisations where we merge research with practical experience.