Waste to Energy

Enpure offer both consultancy only design services and full EPC delivery (UK only) of non water sector organic materials anaerobic digestion infrastructure development.

Waste to Energy

Large quantities of food waste are generated globally and whilst avoidance, re-use and recycling should be a priority it seems inevitable that substantial amounts still fall to disposal.

In line with the waste hierarchy capture of renewable energy from these materials should be a priority over disposal. Anaerobic digestion of various organic wastes including unavoidable food products, farm animal slurries and crops is now a well established, proven, cost effective solution for capturing green energy from these materials.

Enpure can provide a full design, build, commissioning and start-up service catering for the specific waste mix and other limitations of each Client’s project. We offer bespoke designs drawing on standardized solutions, experience and learning from a wide range of previous projects.

We offer all systems design including waste reception, pre-treatment and contaminants removal, sanitisation for ABPR compliance, digestion, biogas conditioning and handling, dewatering and wastewater treatment, air control and odour treatment, and energy utilisation via CHP or biogas upgrading.