Wastewater Treatment

Enpure offer a full range of solutions and services to treat wastewater and meet our clients' requirements. We are continually developing innovative process solutions in line with the latest technologies.

Wastewater treatment

An increasing population producing larger volumes of waste water and the need to protect our environment from subsequent emissions are driving expansion of waste water treatment.

Enpure provides complete system integration with the ability to utilise a wide spectrum of treatment options and the considerable experience offered from each of our key discipline teams ensures the final plant is both effective and robust in all areas. We have particular skills in environmental aspects of wastewater projects, such as noise, visual impact and clean air management (including odour control). We have designed and built enclosed and underground works, and are also able to advise on overall sludge disposal strategies, based on whole life cost analysis of alternatives. Enpure’s broad expertise ensures that both the waste and sludge treatment facilities work in harmony resulting in the greatest return for our clients, lowering operating costs and providing consistently high standards of effluent.

We have a particular strength in process commissioning and provide operational support for water treatment assets that we have designed and built.  We offer Preliminary Treatment (Screening, Grit and Grease Removal, Septicity Control), Primary Treatment (Radial and Lamella Settlement, Flotation), Secondary Treatment (Activated Sludge Processes, Biofiltration, Fixed Film MBBR, MBR) Tertiary Treatment (Drumfilters, Polishing & Filtration, Evaporation, Denitrification and Total Nitrate Removal, Odour control).