Social Responsibility

Enpure undertakes environmental engineering including contracting for the design and construction of water and wastewater works. The company is committed to being a socially and commercially responsible, environmentally sustainable, fair and safe place to work.

At Enpure we take our corporate and social responsibilities very seriously. We understand the effect our business can have on the local environment and always undertake our operations in a considerate manner. Furthermore we recognise the additional contribution we can make engaging with both national organisations and the local communities within which we work. 

Our responsibilities go beyond contractual performance and legislative compliance. We have succeeded in maintaining a sustainable business to the benefit of our clients, staff, partners and the communities in which we work.  Key to this achievement is establishing an excellent health and safety and environmental management culture across our business, the supply chain and the partners that support us.

Climate Change Levy, Carbon Tax, Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) etc. has led to a change of emphasis in the industry and Doosan Enpure are keen to develop this approach further with clients minimising energy use, chemical and raw material consumption and long term environmental impacts as a whole in plant design.  Sludge recycling is an important area of development with the emphasis on energy recovery techniques.

From an internal perspective, we seek to improve our environmental footprint in terms of how we carry out our business. We have successful initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, office consumables and to encourage material reuse and recycling.

Modern Slavery & Trafficing Statement