2015.09.17 | Doosan Enpure

Enpure wins £50M Bellozanne sewage treatment works replacement

Enpure has been confirmed as the main contractor for a £50m replacement of the Bellozanne sewage treatment works (STW) in St Helier, which serves the Island of Jersey and is operated by States of Jersey Transport and Technical Services (T&TS).

The existing STW has been operational for over 50 years and during the preparation of the States of Jersey Waste Water Strategy it was identified that the works would need to be replaced in order to meet future environmental standards and a 2035 design horizon where the works will need to fully treat 830l/s or 71,700m3/d.

The contract has been awarded on the basis of a framework agreement which will have two distinct packages of work. The first package is for a period of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) to develop the concept design followed by a second package to Design and Build (D&B) the new replacement STW.

Enpure together with its civil engineering partner Farrans Construction and local on-island partner Geomarine will deliver the contract by utilising an Integrated Project Team (IPT) methodology which will encourage working together with the T&TS team to enable open innovation and enhance whole-life value to T&TS. In addition Pell Frischman have been selected as main civil engineering designer for the STW.

Due to the strategic importance of the existing STW, this project will require careful sequencing of construction to enable the various operations of the existing works to be decommissioned, transferred to the new facility and then redeveloped for the next phase of the project.  Other key elements of works will include programme management, existing Services Diversions, Hillside Removal, Slope Stabilisation and Demolition. All of this needs to take place whilst the existing plant continues to process the Island's waste water in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Avtar Jirh, Managing Director for Enpure Limited, said: “I am pleased that Enpure has been awarded this prestigious project through a tough competitive bidding process. This project will allow Enpure and our partners to further develop our relationship with the States of Jersey for the long-term under this Framework Agreement”

Kevin Corley, Operations Director for Farrans Construction commented “We are delighted to be working with Enpure on this prestigious project and look forward to working with the States of Jersey”.

John Rogers, Chief Executive Officer for States of Jersey’s Transport and Technical Services, said:  “I would like to thank Enpure Limited for their efforts during the procurement process and look forward to working with them to deliver another successful project for both parties and for the Island of Jersey ”.

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