2016.06.15 | Doosan Enpure

Enpure tackles the removal of Metaldehyde from Raw Water Sources

Enpure specialises in water and wastewater treatment and actively invests in its water-related research and development activities to create and launch needs-driven technologies that will introduce innovative solutions to the worldwide water industry.

The UK Water industry, along with farmers and producers, has actively demonstrated a successful voluntary approach to reducing the concentrations of metaldehyde in rivers, reservoirs and drinking water by adopting a catchment management programme. However, some areas may not be able to benefit solely from such an approach.

Enpure is able to deliver an enhanced process solution to the industry by applying its worldwide experience to decrease the levels of metaldehyde and other recalcitrant organic biocides in raw surface water sources. Enpure has recently embarked upon its Enflo-Carb™ project, using its proven Enflo-DAF™ technology as the foundation to a series of seasonal trials with the support of the Water Science Institute at Cranfield University. These trials will involve a number of different water companies, their sites and four water sources within the UK to determine the optimum conditions and kinetics for the effective removal of these micro-pollutants during the water treatment process.

Commenting on the project, the MD for Enpure Avtar Jirh said: “The objective of our Enflo-Carb™ project is to provide an advance robust process treatment system capable of being applied both retrospectively and for new build whilst maintaining a resilient optimum whole-life cost solution for different raw water sources and water chemistry composites.”

removal of Metaldehyde from Raw Water Sources