2016.04.21 | Doosan Enpure

Enpure secures DAF SWRO Pre-treatment plant at TUAS3 – Singapore

Enpure confirms their position as market leader for DAF SWRO pre-treatment by securing the contract for the design, supply and commissioning of the Enpure Enflo-DAF™ High Rate Dissolved Air Flotation plant for TUAS3 Desalination Plant, being constructed on behalf of PUB in Singapore. The TUAS3 Desalination Pre-treatment Plant will have a production capacity of 309 MLD and will be the third TUAS desalination plant supplying the population of Singapore.

Based upon 40 years of experience in the supply of Dissolved Air Flotation plants around the world, Enpure were able to provide the client with the confidence in the ability of the Enpure’s Enflo-DAF™ to offer a robust, compact and competitive system with reduced operational and maintenance costs, whilst providing a high quality water product. The Enpure Enflo-DAF™ is able to meet the specific raw seawater treatment challenge of both algae and oil concentrations experienced on the West coast of Singapore, whilst maintaining consistent outlet quality. The Enpure Enflo-DAF™ is able to meet the requirement to provide flexible operation, in keeping with the overall plant flow control philosophy and the needs of the end user.

Avtar Jirh, Managing Director of Enpure Limited, said: “This is a major win for Enpure in such a competitive market.  PUB in Singapore is well known for innovation and adoption of the best technologies in the world.  We look forward to developing our relationships in Singapore as we recognise that the TUAS3 Desalination Plant forms a key element of the Singapore Water Management Plan.

Pre-treatment plant at TUAS3 – Singapore