2015.09.17 | Doosan Enpure

Dual Media Filters designed and 'built off site' by Enpure

Sixty Dual Media Filters (DMFs) designed by Enpure were successfully shipped to Antofagasta, Chile.  These form part of Enpure's 446,000m3/d Pre-treatment plant which will feed Latin America's largest Reverse Osmosis (RO) seawater desalination plant. The treated water will be delivered through 180km of pipes to the Escondida Copper mine, which is located 3,100m above sea level in the Atacama Desert.

The integrated project team was made up of engineers from Enpure in Birmingham (UK), Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction in Seoul (South Korea) and Doosan manufacturing facility in Changwon (South Korea) and Dung Quat (Vietnam). To aid the collaborative method of working, a 3D model of the Pre-Treatment plant formed a key element for the successfully development of the detailed design work and manufacturing instructions.

Enpure engineer's were responsible for the Process Design, Mechanical Design, Control Logic Design, and supply of the rubber-lined dual media pressure filters, complete with internal fittings, media installation, automated media reloading system and air scour blowers. Each of the filters measure 12.5m long by 4m diameter and weigh 56 tons.

The Escondida Water Supply project, secured by Enpure in September 2013 at a contract value of US$ 103 million, will start producing industrial service water by the middle of 2016 and will have a capacity to provide 220,000 tons of water daily, which is enough for 550,000 people to consume simultaneously

Video shows one of the DMF in transportation

Dual Media Filters

A DMF is loaded onto a transporter at the in-house port