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Water Projects UK features Guildford STW article

Guildford Borough Council (GBC) are progressing with the development of approximately 41 hectares of brownfield land located along the west bank of the River Wey as it runs through central Guildford and north through Slyfield Industrial Estate. Guildford Sewage Treatment Works (STW) lies within this land and requires relocation in order to enable the development to proceed. This relocation forms a critical part of the Slyfield Area Regeneration Project, and will allow the delivery of up to 1,550 new homes, partially on land occupied by the existing STW, to enable local housing needs to be met. The new sewage treatment works will be built to the north of Slyfield Industrial Estate on land that has been used for quarrying, and in turn used as a landfill site, and is currently largely unused. In addition to the construction of a new works, relocation of the works to this location will require the construction of a new transfer tunnel to divert existing incoming flows to the new site, and the construction of a new outfall to the River Wey. The existing STW must also be decommissioned to enable use by the Weyside Urban Village (WUV) Development

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