2019.07.19 | Doosan Enpure

New Barhale Enpure JV secures double award

The newly formed Barhale Enpure Joint Venture has achieved a double success with appointment to both Lots 2 and 3 of Severn Trent’s AMP7 framework.

The joint venture, which brings together two of the UK’s leading water sector specialist contractors, will undertake infrastructure and non-infrastructure capital projects through the framework including, in the case of Lot 2, civils-led and, under Lot 3, MEICA-led work.

Severn Trent, which serves around 8 million people across the Midlands, intends to deliver a £2 billion investment in capital works projects within the overall AMP7 programme between 2020 and 2025.

Dave Shaw, Regional Director of Barhale, believes that the appointment is positive proof of the strength of the JV approach.

“By combining forces, we felt that Barhale and Enpure brought together a raft of complementary skills,” he said. “It gives us outstanding capability across the requirements of AMP7. We are very excited to have been appointed to two lots. We are now keen to start work, tackling what will undoubtedly be some big challenges and building on the existing relationship with Severn Trent developed in the delivery of strategic projects in its AMP6 programme.”

Avtar Jirh, Chief Executive Officer of Enpure agrees and said,

“We look forward to working with Severn Trent and its partners on the AMP7 programme. Our JV provides a strong collaborative partnership and this framework will enable the JV to demonstrate its extensive knowledge, experience and ability to deliver projects successfully in the water sector – and ultimately to support Severn Trent in making a difference in service delivery to its customers.”