2023.01.03 | Doosan Enpure

SKion Water family grows due to Enpure acquisition

Full press release:

Water companies across the globe face unprecedented challenges, ranging from aging infrastructure to tighter regulatory permits to pressure from the regulator on costs. These challenges are further aggravated by climate change. Climate change and water and inextricably linked; majority of climate change related disasters manifest themselves through water. This is reflected through an increase in drought and flooding incidents in recent years, on a global scale. Covid-19 and the global political environment has further exacerbated the challenges water companies face.

Enpure has been a trusted partner for water companies across the globe. Enpure has been supporting water companies in developing solutions that tackle diverse and complicated challenges such as regulatory pressures and water scarcity. They have been delivering complex projects of the highest quality, ranging from Desalination plants in the Middle East to Energy-from-Waste plants in the Midlands, UK.

Dr. Reinhard Hübner, CEO of SKion Water: “Enpure is a strategic acquisition by SKion Water, with the aim to continue supporting water companies in the UK with cost-efficient solution delivery expertise through this and future regulatory periods. SKion Water will also support Enpure in growing its footprint in other sectors including energy, paper as well as food and beverage and further solidify its global presence through its market-leading DAF system.”

Avtar Jirh, CEO of Enpure Limited: “We are delighted to have become part of the SKion Water family. As we begin the next chapter for Enpure under this new ownership, we have the opportunity to expand our engineering expertise to the UK and overseas markets. We are looking forward to a bright future working with SKion Water and the other subsidiary companies within the Group to further strengthen our presence as a key player in the global water market.”